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i feel bored with may routine activities…
i don’t know how to make my self become like usual…
energic, cheerful, always smile…
but now i feel bored…
bored with my self….
just smile,,, just laugh,,, but there is no happy in my heart…
so sad… but i must try to be a normal me again..
if i feel bored, i will :
1. read comics book
2. eat many kind of foods
3. sleeping
4. swimming
5. watching television
6. playing games
7. chatting (in yahoo messenger)
8. browsing or surfing in internet
9. writing (blogging)
10. phone someone i love so much (or just send message from my cellphone)
wow… so many ways for me to throw awal this bored feeling??? how abou you guys???


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you must be happy before doing many activities

i can’t do any jobs or tasks when i l :
1. feel very hungry
2. feel sleepy
3. feel so sick
4. read comics book
5. have no money

but, the most thing that will make me being the laziest is, when i;m not happy !!!

so, i must :

1. read comics as much as i can
2. watching movies
3. watching film
4. eating many delicious foods
5. sleep

what about you??? do you feel the same???

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avatar the legend of Aang,,,

i’ve got crazy of avatar!!! you know avatar the legend of aang??? it’s a movie from nickelodeon…

at the first time, i think that avatat is a chidren movie … but??? i don’t know why,,, after i think that, i fall in love with this movie!!!

it’s about 3 books of avatar the legend of aang, and i have watched it until the end of this movie!!1 yipie…. i’m so happy i can watch this great movie!!!

wanna watch too??? ¬†avatar Aang have some great abilitieslike water bending, rock bending, air bending, and fire bending !!! i wanna be avatar aang too… but that’s too impossible

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my secret…

every human has a big secret, so do i… i have a big secret, but i’m too afraid of telling that…if i tell my secret there are so many possibilities, these are :

1. make my friends so sad

2. make my friends be angry

3. make my friends don’t care to me again

but, if my secret hasn’t beem a reality , i will :

1. feel so sad

2. feel bored

3. feel lazy

i just pray to GOD, hope can get the best way in my life… amien…

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