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In the USA, Google has many offices in several states, for example California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Arizona, Michigan, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington (Seattle) and Washington, DC. They have many openings for example in Engineering, IT, Operations and Support functions. Some of the current openings at Google:

In Engineering include openings for Software Engineers with good experience in C++ programming and in java programming. There are many openings for Testing Engineers and a few for Web Designers.

For Operations and IT include openings you could find in many Information Technology departments, including System Administrators and Help Desk Technicians. There were many of openings in their Data Center as of this writing.

Google also recruits college graduates, with a special website section specifically for students. Google gives both internship and full time employment opportunities on their student recruitment.

Google has offices internationally. While some of the information presented here refers to Google’s US offices, they have hundreds of Google Openings Worldwide in areas for example in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.



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