choose your best clothes…

everybody wanna be the trendsetter !!! is that right ??? you can be a trendsetter from what you wear and what you do. for example, you wear a unique clothe or dress, and evryone likes it. usually, the trendsetter is celebrities. but i’m not a celebrity… so??? don’t worry, just be yourself !!! it’s a simple thing but it’s fun !!! you can wear anything you like, don’t be a copycat girls !!! just go shopping, choose anything to wear that you love, try it before buy, and then buy it… after that, you can wear it whenever you want… that’s a simple thing, right???

but, do you feel bored to go shopping mall ??? if you feel lazy and bored to go anywhere…there is a good way… you can try to do a shopping online !!! just sit down in front of your computer or any device that connect to the internet, then open this…
girls…in there, you can find anything for you to wear. and there is some outfit buying guides, like suits for work , weekend casual , work casual, and parties and special occasions.for example you open the suits for work. in there, there is a women’s buying guide, fits tips, finishing touches and the great debate. in weekend casual, you can see a lot of casual clothes, like casual capri, casual top, washbag, perfumes, tshirt, etc. there is a clothe’s information (the price, the stores, the stocks). you can choose the price range too.

This shop revolutionizes online shopping because it finds every store on the internet. Traditional shopping sites will only show you stores that have PAID for placement, but ShopWiki will give a shopper everything, which is why shopwiki has 30,000 stores instead of the usual 1,000 stores that other shopping sites have.



  1. Aday said

    ini blog buat cari duit apa hanya karna pgn ber inggris ria?
    sori OOT

  2. aadym said

    dah banyak duitnya han?

  3. harr51 said

    nice info mbak.

    For me wearing that suitable for me, and do as I am is better than follow the others :mrgreen:. But everyone has a rights to created or become trendsetter rite. nice

  4. han2cute said

    aday => kekeke…rahasiaaaa
    aadym => rahasia jugaaaa
    harr51 => udahlah, indonesia aja komennya… hehehe

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