i hate war !!!

do you know israel and palestina ??? yes iknow you know it !!! i think that war is so cruel… many pepole (from palestina) died… about more than 700 peole died and more 2000p people was getting hurt… not only adults but also the children !!! can you imagine that ???
war is the most cruel thing !!! it hurt many people… all the people need a peaceful… and happiness… why it must be happen??
war is the worst !!! i just can pray and hope that PBB can handle that war…
actually, i wanna help palestina, but how??? i just an ordinary girl… i can’t do anything except pray and make a wish for the better future…
i’m so sad… feel disappointed with israel that so cruel… kill many people who don’t know anything !!!
help palestina… and stop the war !!!



  1. harr51 said

    no body loves war either. anyway UN just give solutions such some advice to Israel to stop their brutality actions to any Palestine civilians.

    wanna help ? nothing better to do than pray mbak. May Allah will stop this violence soon

  2. han2cute said

    harr51 => amiiiin

  3. quotes said

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