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working @google

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In the USA, Google has many offices in several states, for example California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Arizona, Michigan, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington (Seattle) and Washington, DC. They have many openings for example in Engineering, IT, Operations and Support functions. Some of the current openings at Google:

In Engineering include openings for Software Engineers with good experience in C++ programming and in java programming. There are many openings for Testing Engineers and a few for Web Designers.

For Operations and IT include openings you could find in many Information Technology departments, including System Administrators and Help Desk Technicians. There were many of openings in their Data Center as of this writing.

Google also recruits college graduates, with a special website section specifically for students. Google gives both internship and full time employment opportunities on their student recruitment.

Google has offices internationally. While some of the information presented here refers to Google’s US offices, they have hundreds of Google Openings Worldwide in areas for example in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.


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choose your best clothes…

everybody wanna be the trendsetter !!! is that right ??? you can be a trendsetter from what you wear and what you do. for example, you wear a unique clothe or dress, and evryone likes it. usually, the trendsetter is celebrities. but i’m not a celebrity… so??? don’t worry, just be yourself !!! it’s a simple thing but it’s fun !!! you can wear anything you like, don’t be a copycat girls !!! just go shopping, choose anything to wear that you love, try it before buy, and then buy it… after that, you can wear it whenever you want… that’s a simple thing, right???

but, do you feel bored to go shopping mall ??? if you feel lazy and bored to go anywhere…there is a good way… you can try to do a shopping online !!! just sit down in front of your computer or any device that connect to the internet, then open this…
girls…in there, you can find anything for you to wear. and there is some outfit buying guides, like suits for work , weekend casual , work casual, and parties and special occasions.for example you open the suits for work. in there, there is a women’s buying guide, fits tips, finishing touches and the great debate. in weekend casual, you can see a lot of casual clothes, like casual capri, casual top, washbag, perfumes, tshirt, etc. there is a clothe’s information (the price, the stores, the stocks). you can choose the price range too.

This shop revolutionizes online shopping because it finds every store on the internet. Traditional shopping sites will only show you stores that have PAID for placement, but ShopWiki will give a shopper everything, which is why shopwiki has 30,000 stores instead of the usual 1,000 stores that other shopping sites have.

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i hate war !!!

do you know israel and palestina ??? yes iknow you know it !!! i think that war is so cruel… many pepole (from palestina) died… about more than 700 peole died and more 2000p people was getting hurt… not only adults but also the children !!! can you imagine that ???
war is the most cruel thing !!! it hurt many people… all the people need a peaceful… and happiness… why it must be happen??
war is the worst !!! i just can pray and hope that PBB can handle that war…
actually, i wanna help palestina, but how??? i just an ordinary girl… i can’t do anything except pray and make a wish for the better future…
i’m so sad… feel disappointed with israel that so cruel… kill many people who don’t know anything !!!
help palestina… and stop the war !!!

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i feel bored with may routine activities…
i don’t know how to make my self become like usual…
energic, cheerful, always smile…
but now i feel bored…
bored with my self….
just smile,,, just laugh,,, but there is no happy in my heart…
so sad… but i must try to be a normal me again..
if i feel bored, i will :
1. read comics book
2. eat many kind of foods
3. sleeping
4. swimming
5. watching television
6. playing games
7. chatting (in yahoo messenger)
8. browsing or surfing in internet
9. writing (blogging)
10. phone someone i love so much (or just send message from my cellphone)
wow… so many ways for me to throw awal this bored feeling??? how abou you guys???

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