blongging, blogging, blogging…

do you know guys??? i love blogging so much… writing whatever want… about my life, my friends, my self, my family, my boyfriend (or ex boyfriend), my cats, etc…

at the first time i used wordpress when i tried to create my first blog (actually, this is my first blog). why i use wordpress??? it’s because of my friend’s suggestion. and he teach me how to use wordpress little by little (thanks to my friend).

so many experiences when i use wordpres… change the theme, posting some articles, insert some plugins, edit the widgets, etc.

there are so many wordpress themes. you can choose one which you think the best for your wordpress blog. for example color paper theme, ecopress theme,mysticgrunge theme, darkforest theme, spacespgere theme, etc.

and for you who use joomla, you can find some joomla templates to make your joomla more interesting and beautiful like you want.

so what are you waiting ??? lets try to dowmload some templates to make your wordpress or joomla more interesting !!!



  1. Ika said

    but sometimes I’m confuse to use the widget, especially for HTML code in text……..

  2. han2cute said

    ika => if u use, its not easy to add widget… bucause is free… if u use ur own hosting, u can add many widgets as much as u want

  3. putrinegriangan said


    ever tried MULTIPLY? it was so addictive.. 🙂

  4. han2cute said

    i’ve ever tried it at hehehe…

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