wow… it’s a very good news!!!

when i visit ugm’s site… i read this :

Bank Mandiri Concerns about EducationThe Executive Vice President-Coordinator Head of Internal Audit Group PT Bank Mandiri Riyani T Bondan revealed that nowadays the business world claimed that the quality of fresh graduate is still inadequate to enter the business world. However, the educational world claimed that these issues are not their own responsibility, but also business world responsibility. The business world should be able to assure that the education process must be in line with the business corporation needs.

Riyani said on Tuesday (2/12) at the Auditorium of BRI at MSi Building of UGM that A lot of other Corporate Social Responsibility program focuses only on environment issues, poverty eradication issues, etc, but the Mandiri Bank is pretty serious in their role in the educational field.

In the General Lecture entitled “The Role and Function of Internal Audit: The Application in Mandiri Bank”, Riyani explained that the CSR program in educational field can be separated in several activities, such as infrastructure, system, technology, educational tools-supporting activities.

Therefore Mandiri Bank expected their contribution can be shared equally from basic education to higher education, therefore Mandiri chose UGM as their partner. Moreover, UGM is one of the Mandiri’s biggest customers and also one of the biggest universities in Indonesia.

wow… it’s a very good news… i don’t know it’ve happened !!! go UGM… my lovely university… mandiri bank and ugm is the best !!!


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