My New Rector…

i’ve been studying at Gadjah Mada University… every university has its own rector… and so do I…

the news about my rector :

source : ugm’s site

Rector of UGM Prof Sudjarwadi inaugurated the 2008-2012 52 dean deputies of UGM. The inauguration was held at the Balairung UGM on Friday (5/12) and watched by the university leaders, MWA, Academic Senate, MGB and Deans.

Rector expressed his thanks for the 2004-2008 dean deputies of UGM. He said that the former dean deputies have given great contributions and sacrifices in their four years of services as executives of UGM.

UGM also hoped that the next dean deputies can fulfill the expectations from many sides. Moreover, they are also expected to continue the effort of developing qualified persons and knowledge creation.

Thus, the inauguration is the right time to collect the help from all the UGM society. It can take form of either constructive criticisms or advices for the executives of UGM for its actions, planning, and the implementation of UGM programs as the embodiment of UGM Mission.

The rector added that in the 2004-2008 period, there were a lot of good things have been done, and he is sure that there’s still plenty of room for creativity and innovation.


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