UGM’s Opera Campus Crew !!!

There was a special meeting on Friday, November 28th at OMAH TI HIMAKOM UGM’s room, OPERA CAMPUS CREW’s MEETING !!! yeah,,,that’s right…ehehehe…

actually, the members are :
faizudin al hamawi, anung anindita basuki, mizan rizqiya, azvin lazuardy hutama, aaron bhrata a, lutfi rahman, deny sutrisno, megan garnieri hermison, landhes bregas manuhara, agung nugroho , aulia.reza rachmani, alfna shofa, “myname_prima”, wahyu budi prasetyo, jan kristanto, firma syahrian, naili amalia, tiftazani khara, anik budiati, ragil sudira, dimas ramaditya, “banjo_kazooieee”,hanna mutia agista, zulaikha siti anisah, firsti yunita, “arulzy” (but i don’t know exactly some of them)…

but not all of the member came to that meeting…it’s only 16 people came :
1. Faizudin Al Hamawi

2. Agung Nugroho

3. Landhes Bregas Manuhara

4. Jan Kristanto

5. Lutfi Rahman

6. Firma Syahrian

7. Asih

8. Aaron Bhrata

9. Anung Anindita

10. Hanna Mutia

11. Megan Garnieri

12. Tiftazani Khara

13. Firsti Yunita

14. Aulia Reza Rachmani

15. Anik Budiati

16. Mizan Rizqia

the result of that meeting is :

1. establish the organization’s structure

The Chief : megan

The Treasurer : firsti

The Secretary : anung

The Evangelist : pipin, ragil, aul, tifta, asih

The Geeks : aaron, agung, firma, jan, lutfi, mizan

The Event Handler : faiz, landhes, anis, hanna

2. make two events in december 2008

a. Opera Lab Challenge (add opera to be one of the alternative browser)

b. Opera Mini Challenge (how many people using opera mini??? let’s see)


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