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my HIMAKOM,,, my organization…

i’ve one of the computer science’s community in my university… it’s called by HIMAKOM…u can visit himakom’s site on

i must do an interview, to join this organization… and i feel enjoy it…

i can have a lot of friends, i can be an event organizer in many activities,,, i feel have other family in this…

wanna know  more ???

this is the members :

himakomku muach

MIKAT division :

mikat yang memikat

P&K division :

yang sukanya ribut kalo himakom kotor

OMAH TI division :

OTI yang pintar

HIMAKOMEDIA division :

yang buat majalah dan buletin

Kewirausahaan division :

yang cari uaaaaang

this is my division, INEX division :

inexku yang kereeeeeen divisi tersibuk

this is the spesial members (including me) :

PH yang keren!!!ada aku loh,,,


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