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report final HIMBASCOM !!!

this day, i go to my university’s sport hall, to watch HIMBASCOM (HIMAKOM BAsketball Competition). it’s ┬áthe final between computer science 2006 v.s computer science 2005

it’s the best competition,,,, but the result is… disappointed… because computer science 2006 is the loser… the score is 33-35… argh… i’m so sad… it’s just 2 points!!!

but i hope, next year, my computer science 2006 will be the winner !!!

go go go computer science 2006 !!! i’ll give the best support !!!


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choose or being chosen

in our live, there are too many choices… then there are many possibilities too… i wanna ask you something… which is better??? choose or being chosen??? just 2 choices… but i know that you will think it’s a confused choice. the best is, if we can choose someone who choose us, right??? but you must choose one choice… choose or being chosen??? hahahaha….
if you are a girl, usually answer : being chosen
if you are a boy, usually answer : choose
that’s the usual,,, but i don’t know waht about you,,, is that true for you??? let’s choose!!!

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