my secret…

every human has a big secret, so do i… i have a big secret, but i’m too afraid of telling that…if i tell my secret there are so many possibilities, these are :

1. make my friends so sad

2. make my friends be angry

3. make my friends don’t care to me again

but, if my secret hasn’t beem a reality , i will :

1. feel so sad

2. feel bored

3. feel lazy

i just pray to GOD, hope can get the best way in my life… amien…



  1. suandana said

    iya…. simpan aja rahasia itu… yang baik nyimpennya ya

  2. anung said

    ketoke aku ngerti opo maksute iki

    pindah wae kono…


  3. han2cute said

    suandana=ya ya,,,akan kusimpan rahasiaku

    anung=iya iya,aku bakal pergi,amin,,,

  4. hendy said

    tenang aj,,,smua dah ada yg ngatur kok,,,

  5. halah,,,aku ki wis mumet

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